A leading information technology company, Ascension Technologies provides a variety of data and network solutions.


Whether you are an end user in need of reliable, cost-effective telephone service or a provider of IT Services reselling VoIP telephone service to your clients as part of a total solution, USA technology company Ascension Technologies is the answer to your needs. Learn more about our VoIP solutions.

Managed Services

While we can address any network needs, Ascension Technologies specializes in helping solve complex design and routing issues. We turn chaos into order, thus enhancing your reputation among those you serve. Learn more how we can help support you and your business when difficult issues arise.

Custom Software

Ascension Technologies specializes in strategic, custom-based software development. A leading information technology company, we have a diverse specialization in developing multi-platform applications for integration to accounting systems; API integration to a wide arrange of applications; as well as complete business solutions. Learn more about our custom solutions today.